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It is WordCamp Week! Some Info for Attendees

It is officially WordCamp Week, with only a few days before the event we’re all excited to see everyone again this year.


Registration is from 8:00am – 9:00am, we’ll have some coffee and teas available as you register and get comfortable. You don’t need to bring your ticket.


We have 3 Tracks this year. You are free to move from track to track if you have sessions you’d like to see in multiple tracks throughout the day. We encourage you to attend the sessions you think you’ll get the most out of. We’ll also have the sessions on after the event if you’re interested in multiple topics at the same time slot. Sessions are open-seating.

  • User Track – This track is focused mainly on people who are novices. Just getting started or business owners who also run their site with WordPress, but wouldn’t call themselves developers.
  • Flex Track – This track is a intermediate track between the more novice discussions and more advanced Design & Development related topics.
  • Design/Dev Track – A Track for people who design and develop with WordPress, or have some background in other code languages and are still looking to dig into how WP designers and developers operate.

Check out the schedule, and we recommend finding some of your “can’t miss” talks and making note of them.


University at Buffalo’s Lots are open during the weekend, so you do not need a parking pass to park in the lots. We suggest parking in the Slee B or Slee A lots. We recommend entering the Campus at the Coventry Entrance, off Millersport Highway.

General Info

img_20160330_154636_1024WordCamp Buffalo is meant to be informal, comfortable and welcoming to everyone. We want to make sure everyone is comfortable and can get everything out of the event. We have organizers and volunteers who can help if you have any questions at the event (just look for the Orange or Green badges).

We will be giving away some great books donated by the lovely folks at A Book Apart during the event as well.

The Center for the Arts will have WiFi that you can connect to for the duration of the event. We’ll give details on how to connect at the event.

After Party

We’ll be having our After Party at MacGregors Grill & Tap Room just down the road from the Campus starting at 6:00pm There will be drink tickets and some light food to eat.